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64-66 Randolph Rd,

Glasgow, Scotland

G11 7JL

Broomhill Hyndland Parish Church was formed in 2017 out of the union of Broomhill Parish Church and Hyndland Parish Church 


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Hall facilities at Broomhill-Hyndland Church are available for hire for organisations or individuals looking for somewhere to hold events.

The church has a good range of halls and rooms to accommodate regular meetings or groups or for one-off events such as birthday parties or dances.

Broomhill Large Hall

The large hall has a capacity of 100 for seating and dancing. It has a stage at one end and there is direct access to the kitchen. Combined with the small hall which also has direct access to the kitchen there is an overall capacity of 120.

Broomhill Small Hall

The small hall has a capacity of 60 for seating and dancing.  It has direct access to the kitchen. It can be set out for formal meetings using church tables and chairs.

Broomhill Large Committee Room

The large committee room has a capacity of 20 for seating. It is furnished with comfortable chairs and a carpet and is for use for meetings of a more informal nature. It is on the upper floor and is therefore not suitable for disabled access.

Broomhill Small Committee Room

There is a small committee room on the ground floor which can be used for informal meetings of 8-10.

Hyndland Large Hall

The Hyndland Community Hall is available for hire for parties and events. The large hall has a capacity of 150.  Combined with the small hall which has direct access to the kitchen there is an overall capacity of 180.

Hyndland Small Hall

Hyndland's Small Hall has access to a kitchen with a pass-through window and is suitable for up to     guests.

Broomhill Sanctuary

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Hyndland Sanctuary

The Kingsbrough Gardens Sanctuary is an A-listed building on Hyndland Road. Previously this was Hyndland Parish Church. The building is available for rehearsals, concerts, conferences etc. Please enquire for more details.

Russell House

Russell House is a main door flat on Hyndland Road. It has two front rooms which are available for small meetings (35 people) individually or together. There is a fully functional Kitchen which can also be used during bookings. Please enquire for more details.

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